Motivational speaking

Ernst is passionate about sharing his story, encouraging and motivating others to make the best of their lives. He therefore accepts offers to present motivational talks to selected audiences about ten times a year.

To invite Ernst to deliver a motivational talk, contact Francois Brink from One World of Sport on +27 83 3751 454 or e-mail Due to Ernst’s popularity, as well as his busy sporting schedule, please be advised that bookings cannot be guaranteed.


As a veteran of many of these occasions, and knowing how difficult an audience of students can be, I have seldom experienced a guest speaker so warmly embraced and acknowledged by a standing ovation.
John Donald, Head: Sports Administration, University of Cape Town

The guests were inspired at the end of his talk!
Andrea Shea, SABMiller

Ernst is an inspirational person and speaker. The students loved his easy manner!
Dr Melleta Louw, Student Counsellor, Cape Peninsula University of Technology

Ernst was well prepared. He knew exactly how to address the audience and shared many of his life philosophies with us.
Danie Pretorius, Shofar Christian Church, Stellenbosch

He excited the audience - his presentation was in a word EXCELLENT!
Gina Mantel-Böhr, Durbanville High School

Ernst is a very good speaker. The Vodacom staff found his life story inspiring because he illustrated it with real experiences. Because of the way he presented his story, people could identify with him.
Karen Smith, Vodacom

Your speech was very inspirational and a highlight of our conference. All conference participants provided us with great feedback.
Anja Reitermann, Western Union Financial Services

The compliments have streamed in from all who attended the function. He gave us a positive message which we can, in turn, convey to other people. Ernst’s presentation was one of the best we’ve ever had in Bloemfontein!
Annemarie Cronje, Z2A Events

We were all inspired by Ernst’s powerful words and genuine image of what a champion is.
MJ Truter, Eendrag Men’s Residence, University of Stellenbosch